IDA/MAP Webinar Series #3

Talking to Parents when Concerns Arise


Caregivers, teachers and home visitors may be the first to notice a child who learns or communicates differently. How do you determine that the difference is something to be concerned about? How do you decide when to talk to the parents or family members about your concerns? This webinar, based on an article written by Linda Brault and Janet Gonzalez-Mena and a PowerPoint developed by the MAP to Inclusion and Belonging Project funded by California Department of Education, provides a framework to help caregivers, teachers and home visitors refer families to support services that might be needed by a child. This framework is helpful when caregivers have concerns that a child in their care might have a developmental delay, disability or significant behavior problem, when preparing to share concerns with a child’s family and in understanding different ways family members will receive and act on the expressed concern.


Our presenters, Julia Childs Andrews, MS, Disabilities Coordinator at Neighborhood House Association Head Start and Diane Simon Smith, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a parent of children with disabilities, are partnering to present the perspectives of the caregiver/educator and support for the family. You’ll hear first hand from these experienced professionals how to prepare for, reflect on and discuss concerns and how to support families before, during and after concerns are raised. You’ll also have an opportunity to reflect on and ask questions pertaining to your own experience with talking to families about concerns.