IDA Policy Update

IDA Policy Update

Directive - Additional Guidance on Payments for Nonresidential Service Providers during the State of Emergency due to COVID 19. This includes Infant Development Programs 805/116.

With a quick read, absences are still covered. Variety of locations are to be encouraged for services to be provided. April and May have different claim requirements. The new piece references "payor of last resort". Programs are encouraged to apply for federal assistance thru a variety of programs. If funds are obtained from these programs, the monies are to be deducted in the claims.

Clarification of how to support consumers:

  • Virtually connecting individuals with friends and family, even daily.
  • Delivering activities for individuals to participate in at home
  • Delivering food or needed supplies
  • Coordinating individual and or group remote connections
  • Supporting necessary activities away from the home while supporting appropriate physical distancing

Possible sharing of staff with residential providers, etc.

What does this all mean? How does it impact billing and program operations for your programs? Please review the Directive.

Full Directive | Download Here - May 7, 2020

Full Directive | Download Here - May 18, 2020

The IDA Policy Committee will be reviewing the Directive next week during their Committee meeting. If you have comments, concerns please share with the Committee via [email protected] Monday, May 11.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Fran Chasen and Annie Cox
IDA Policy Liaisons

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