Department of Developmental Services (DDS) shared the draft rate models and methodologies to the Developmental Services Task Force and other stakeholders last week.

ACTION - We encourage you to review the Rate Model materials and look at your program data to see if and how this model could work.

The detailed materials from this week’s rate study briefing sessions are available on the Burns & Associates website and include:

  • presentation outlining the rate study’s methodology and results. Department plans a webinar of this presentation and the draft rate models to be available this week.
  • Draft rate models detailing specific assumptions related to direct care worker wages, benefits and productivity as well as mileage, program operations, overhead costs and other factors.
  • report describing the methodologies used to establish regional cost adjustment factors.

Submit comments to DDS by March 22 on the RATE STUDY MODEL. To comment, follow the instructions and a template, A FAQ about the public comment process and rate study briefings is also available.

This is an opportunity for Early Start professionals to address issues regarding adequate rates. Other common concerns with the Rate Model include calculation for administrative costs, transportation costs, and the feasibility of using a team approach.

RSVP for local discussion gathering on the proposed Infant Rate Models and comment development, please RSVP to [email protected] with your name, phone number:

  • Wednesday March 13th - 4:00-6:00PM, Early Learning Institute, 311 Professional Center Drive, Rohnert Park-94928