Coaching and Routines Based Intervention

Florida State’s FGRBI (Family Guided Routines Based Intervention) website contains a wealth of information for parents and providers about the benefits of caregiver coaching, videos of coaching in action, and parent strategy handouts. | More Information
The Early-Childhood-Coaching-Handbook by Dathan D. Rush, Ed.D., CCC-SLP and M'Lisa L. Shelden, PT, Ph.D. is a terrific resource for learning about the coaching model and contains wonderful case studies and helpful examples of reflective practice question ideas to use during home visits or in community settings. | More Information
Coaching in Early Childhood, by Dathan Rush and M’Lisa Shelden is a free webinar explaining the research behind the coaching model and gives practical strategies to use. | More Information
Routines-Based Early Intervention, Supporting Young Children and Their Families by R. A. McWilliam, Ph.D. is a comprehensive guide for implementing early intervention in a child’s daily routines.  It provides many helpful checklists for implementing the model, especially helpful is the routines based family interview template. | More Information
The Hanen Centre has been providing evidence-based parent coaching training programs for providers and early childhood education professionals for 35 years with a focus on language development and social communication development; their materials and tips are family-friendly and they have expanded to provide most of their programs through teletherapy as well. | More Information
Family-Centered Early Intervention, Supporting Infants and Toddlers in Natural Environments book by Sharon A. Raver, Ph.D. and , Dana C. Childress, Ph.D. looks at supporting federal outcomes for early intervention including social-emotional skills, language and behavior.  The book is a compendium of chapters written by experts in the field and includes a thoughtful section on supporting children with diverse abilities. | More Information
Pause and Reflect by Dana C. Childress, Ph.D. is a workbook for reflective practice in early intervention, providing information and then a journal for practioners to reflect and develop action plans. | More Information
The Virginia Early Intervention Professional Development Center is a wonderful resource containing blogs, podcasts, letters for parents explaining parent coaching and many resources for practioners and parents.  Dana Childress, the author cited above provides much of the content for the page. | More Information
The Illinois Early Intervention Clearing House is a comprehensive website filled with resources including a blog, tip sheets for providers and families, and lists of recent research to share with families about Coaching and Reflective Practice in Early Intervention. | More Information
The EI Excellence website was created in North Carolina which uses a Parent Coaching model for early intervention, the website contains lists, links and a blog all around natural environments, treatment fidelity, reflective practice and engaging caregivers. | More Information
The article, Comparing Instructional Approaches in Caregiver-Implemented Intervention: An Interdisciplinary Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, found a significant, large effect of coaching on caregiver outcomes compared to other models of instruction. | More Information
Coaching with Parents in Early Intervention. The purpose of this article was to synthesize intervention studies using coaching with parents in early intervention with a focus on defining and describing coaching and providing child and family outcome information. | More Information

The following resources were generously donated by Project Impact to use when coaching families. The first handout is an activity that focuses on a self-reflection exercise identifying your strengths as a therapist. The second handout is an overview of the ACE strategies, the ACE acronym stands for creating an alliance with the caregiver, collaborating with the caregiver, and empowering the caregiver. The third handout offers sample language to use within the ACE framework of Project Impact.
ACES Sample Language | I have strengths as a therapist | Overview of ACEs