Public Policy/Advocacy

The public policy committee keeps the organization informed about and involved in the public policies and analyzes pressing policy issues related to laws and regulations, communicates key findings and program performance results, and makes recommendations to the organization for appropriate actions in the form of strategies to ensure quality outcomes.

  • Members participate on public and private advisory councils and groups.
  • Members attend public meetings, hearings and forums.
  • Members meet with representatives of the state legislature, agencies and organizations to discuss early intervention issues.
  • IDA sponsors workshops, public forums, position statements and letter writing

Federal representatives:

IDA releases Sample EI COVID-19 protocols;
IDA Tele-information Survey deadline June 10
CA Budget ACTION June 12

Posted: June 9, 2021
ACTION Needed:
Tele-information Survey: Due June 10th
Data on the use of tele-information is needed from Early Intervention families and EI providers to share with policy makers.  
There is a lot of conversation whether the use of tele-information will continue as a tool for Early Intervention services. Please share the attached survey (Spanish and English) for parents to share their feedback.

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