Language and Speech Development

The American Speech-Language Hearing Association has been providing research and certification for speech therapists and audiologists for almost 100 years. They publish a variety of peer reviewed journals and provide speech and language development information for parents and professionals. | More Information

The California Speech-Hearing Association provides professional development and advocacy for the over 47,000 professionals in California. This toolkit and resources were developed to support early identification of children with speech-language disorders. | More Information

The First Words Project provides a free screener as well as family friendly handouts on gesture development, play with objects and social communication milestones. | More Information

Super Duper Inc. provides free handouts developed by speech-language pathologists with developmental information on all aspects of speech and language. | More Information

The Hanen Centre is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1975 and provides training and information for parents and professionals on language development. | More Information

Speech therapist Laura Brown is another speech therapist who generously shares easy to read milestones and suggested activities for speech therapists and parents. | More Information

This is a terrific handout created by Dr. Peters at Western Washington University that outlines pragmatic and executive function development. | More Information

This organization has been providing research based free tools for parents to track their child's development across domains. | More Information

Katie Yeh is a speech language therapist in California who provides lots of free information for parents and professionals on speech-language development from birth to five and ideas for facilitating language in her blog. | More Information

If you are looking for detailed information on when different language milestones emerge (questions, pronouns, morphology, etc.) then look no further. Linguisystems put together a wonderful evidence based resource. | More Information

Caroline Bowen is a wonderful speech therapist who generously shares her summaries of research based milestones for a variety of speech-language development areas. | More Information

Laura Mize is a pediatric speech therapist who writes a blog and puts free videos on YouTube covering early language and speech development. | More Information

This database contains data from over 75 thousand children across the world on vocabulary norms. | More Information