Early Intervention COVID-19 Protocols

The Infant Development Association offers the following COVID-19 Protocol examples as a starting point for all programs working towards returning to in-person visits. These examples may or may not apply to your specific situation. Every program is encouraged to review these documents and incorporate changes necessary to comply with your local Department of Health rules and your governing Regional Center requirements.
Included in these protocols is a power point provided by Sunny Days of California. They have generously shared their in-house staff presentation as an example of how to communicate your protocols and safety requirements to line staff.
We hope you find these examples helpful as early intervention service delivery continues to shift and change. We’d love to hear from you  - please feel free to share feedback as well as other examples of your own forms or handouts.

Infant Development Association of California, Policy Committee - [email protected]

Sample COVID-19 Protocols for Early Intervention: