May Revise-CA Budget Released: New Direction for Early Start Eligibility

Friday saw Governor Newsom release his May revision of the CA Budget. CLICK HERE
The $300.6B budget contains lots of proposals. One for the Department of Developmental Services is EARLY START: ($6.5 million state general fund) to expand eligibility for early intervention services including: lowering the eligibility threshold for developmental delay from 33 percent to 25 percent; separating communication delays into two distinct categories (expressive and/or receptive language); and identifying Fetal Alcohol Syndrome as a risk factor for developmental delays.
To learn more about the Impact of the May Revise on Early Intervention and the field, you can still register to attend ," Early Intervention. Advocacy and the California Budget May Revise"on Tuesday May 17th, 12-1:30PM with guest presenter Teresa Anderson,
Participants will learn how the CA Budget supports Early Intervention Services, Legislation related to ECE, Rate Adjustment process and Early Childhood Department focus.

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Deadline for Input: June 1st - Comments on EI marker for Quality Incentive Program
This marker will account for part of your vendored rate. Learn more at the May 17th IDA Policy event. DDS is posting proposed quality measures and incentives for service providers for public comment. These measures were developed over several months with input from stakeholders through work group meetings.
The measures align with implementation of the Quality Incentive Program, which is designed to support and incentivize a person-centered, statewide service system that provides high-quality, outcome-based and equitable services.
DRAFT Measures Here.
Submit comments using this form. Comments will be collected until 5pm on June 1, 2022. If you prefer using email, or need additional accommodations to share your comments, please email [email protected].
Visit the DDS stakeholder events page for more information about the public comment period, the program, and past work group meetings. Submit Comments:
Interested in learning how to have an effective voice about policy and advocacy? Consider joining the IDA Policy Committee, [email protected]

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Fran Chasen and Annie Cox